I am Jennie, follower of Jesus, wife, mom to 2 miracles, newly homeschooling…following my heart to share our life that I may uplift and encourage others.

My life as mommy to 2 former micropreemies has certainly had its peaks and valleys.  God has brought us through it all.  When my daughter Brianna was born (1998), I was so far away from Jesus.  It hurts to know that I had strayed so far.  By the shed blood of Jesus, I am forgiven.  I press on.  When Brianna turned 3, we started back in church.  The events that followed can only have been orchestrated by the Great Conductor.

My 2nd micropreemie arrived in 2003.  I was so angry at first.  I felt “entitled” to that healthy, chubby baby you take home after your 4 days inpatient post C-section.  Ha!  In the ensuing days, months, and years, my faith was tested and utlimately strengthened through every single event and person God placed in our path.

I sincerely hope that sharing some of our darkest moments and greatest triumphs will encourage and uplift you.  All the glory and praise goes to God.  He is and always has been more than enough, but when I needed it most, He also gave me some incredible people along the way.

Follow along, share in the “stollen moments”!