The Girls-Their Story

Brianna was my 24-weeker.  She tipped the scales at a whopping 1 lb, 13.1 ounces.  Her early birth and trials started me on my way back to the Lord.  She was a little pistol from day 1.  She would hold her breath and clamp down on the endotracheal (ET) tube that helped her breathe, essentially cutting of the oxygen flow and breath support.  Stubborn as can be, and she still is.  We faced a few “not much we can do for her” moments.  By the grace of God, she is now 14 years old.  She is my budding writer and my personal cheerleader.  Brianna has encouraged me from the beginning with this blog.  Even 2 years ago when I started, then life happened.  She has continuously prompted me and encouraged me.

She loves Jesus with all her heart.  Her faith in the Lord is so strong, I am amazed that a teenager can be this strong, more faithful than many.  She has loved and encouraged deeply over the last 9 years as we’ve dealt with the many crises and surgeries of her sister.  She is a protector…even of her parents, but especially of her little sister.  Just a gentle warning, do not say or do anything that she feels is even remotely insulting or demeaning toward Hannah, the wrath of Brianna will ensue.  She does not tolerate that behavior, aimed at her sister or really anyone with different abilities.  A girl after my own heart!

Hannah was my 25-weeker.  She topped the scales at 1 lb, 12 ounces.  Whatever preemie related issues Brianna blasted through, Hannah struggled…and still does.  This feisty little girl has so much fight in her, and I truly thank the Lord for that.  My dear little breath-holder…this kid could make an entire hospital floor come running with these episodes.  She has endured more than 60 procedures, including 1 heart surgery and 5 major airway procedures.  Hannah approaches everything in life with joy and vigor.  She still has many ongoing health issues, but they don’t stop her.  My husband and I, clinical staff, and others DO have to stop her when she’s so short of breath she can’t talk or breathing so loudly people will approach us to see if we need medical assistance.

My girls, dream big.  Seek the Lord in all you say and do.  He has protected you in ways unfathomable to doctors and nurses.  Honestly, with the emergencies we’ve faced with both of you, neither of you should be with us today.  But you are, and I am oh so very thankful.  I’m excited to see where God leads us.